In the Land

In the land of the Nine Dragons, the finest rice grains are cultivated in a harmony of tropical climate, fertile flood plains and nourishing water.
Inheritance farming

Inheriting the farming tradition for thousands of years, our Vietnamese people have become experts in producing high quality rice.
The journey  keeps

The journey keeps on through modern milling & processing machinery to produce the finest rice grains with intact nutrients.
We – from the passion of love

We - with the passion of perfection, are bringing the sweetness from the Mekong Delta, the softness from fertile soil, the natural aroma from the tropical climate, and the purity from the seeds to serve the world.

Hilton Chef cooked, tasted & fell in love with Lotus Rice.

Raising the internal forces

Lotus Rice has become an international food brand being sold in over 55 countries: USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa and other parts of the globe.
A warming bowl of rice

A warm bowl of rice, a tasty meal, and a happy family. Happiness is the ultimate value of life, and we are proud to sow the seed of love for thousands of families all around the world.

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