• Chef Norbert Ehrbar

    Chef Norbert Ehrbar

    I love using Lotus Jasmine Rice the taste before and after cooking is remarkable. It has a mild nutty flavor that lends itself to a wide range of uses. I believe grains such as this are the way forward for Vietnam as we look towards native, local and sustainable ingredients in cooking.
  • Housewife - Ms. Ho Thu Kieu

    Housewife - Ms. Ho Thu Kieu

    “Coincidentally, I come to know “Nang Sen” Rice, when gifted by a friend on International Women Day. “Miss Rice” is what I name “Nang Sen.” I am always allured by the aroma and sweetness when I open the cooker, and taste the rice. I could image the bountiful rice field, the boys and girls smiling brightly on harvesting seasons. Thank Lotus Rice for introducing me “Nang Sen” Rice with Vietnam-ish image 

    but international quality
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